Elisa Alberto

Elisa Alberto, Senior Consultant
Master's degree in International Communication Management
Change Management
Individual and Team Coaching
Corporate Culture
International collaboration and team development
Virtual leadership and virtual collaboration

Bruno Arenz

Bruno Arenz, Consultant
Economic Assistant
Computer animated business simulations
Haptic business games
Business seminars

Dr. Susan Barthe

Dr. Susan Barthe, Senior Consultant
Social Sciences (PhD)
Project management
Team development
Implementation of annual appraisal interviews
Organizational development
Art therapy methods

Lilly Beerman

Lilly Beerman, Senior Consultant
Psychologist (Diploma)
Intercultural competence
International Assessment Centres
Presentation and facilitation
Management leadership

Thomas Benischke

Thomas Benischke, Senior Consultant
Business Education (Diploma); bono animo (Munich)
Communication and Leadership
Conflict management
Team development
Systemic coaching

Photo Dr. Boysan-Dietrich

Dr. Nilüfer Boysan-Dietrich, Senior Consultant
Intercultural Training for Turkey
International Teambuilding
Leadership and Communication Skills
Career Coaching and Talent Management

Myriam Callegarin

Myriam Callegarin, Senior Consultant
Certified Coach
Intercultural trainings (focus: Germany-Italy)
Expat coaching
Global leadership development
Career transition coaching

Laxmi Chaudhry

Laxmi Chaudhry, Senior Consultant
Business Studies
Business Effectiveness across International Cultures,
Relocation Briefings,
Performance Management + Feedback

Aziza Chehade-Buchmann

Aziza Chehade-Buchmann, Senior Consultant
Intercultural expert with focus on Middle East
Expat trainings
Leadership trainings

Dr. Xiaomei Feng-Ley

Dr. Xiaomei Feng-Ley, Consultant
Physics (PhD); Eurasia GmbH (Erlangen)
Intercultural Trainings
Coaching for Germans and Chinese
Coaching-on-the-job in China
Relocation seminars for China

Philipp Forster

Philipp Forster, Consultant
Dipl. Psychologist
Change management
Communication and rhetoric
Employee selection
Training transfer

Frank Gieth

Frank Gieth, Senior Consultant
Learning and development transformation
International development programs
Global HR-projects
HR Post merger integration
International HR management
Intercultural competence (general and focus: Russia)

Charlotte Goldstein

Charlotte Goldstein, Senior Consultant
Social Sciences (Diploma); Muc Consulting (Munich)
Leadership trainings
Team development
Quality management
Assessment Centres

Christian Hoffmeister

Christian Hoffmeister, Senior Consultant
Degree in Business economics, Economic Mediator
Structuring and restructuring of teams and organizations
Team development
Executive Coaching
Moderation and guidance of management processes

Photo Marianne Huber-Lederer

Marianne Huber-Lederer, Senior Consultant
Degree in Social Education Science
Conflict management
Team development

Matthias Hudecek

Matthias Hudecek, Consultant
Dipl. Psychologist
Change management
Employee selection
Burnout and stress

Photo Anna Inama

Anna Inama, Senior Consultant
Masters Degree in Business Coaching and Organisational Development
Business Coaching for leaders
Leadership Development
Team Development and Facilitation
Cultural Integration

Barbara Lagler-Özdemir

Barbara Lagler-Özdemir, Senior Consultant
Organizational Consultant and Coach
Intercultural trainings
Performance management and development
Talent management

Daniela Liebich

Daniela Liebich, Senior Consultant
Social Sciences (Diploma)
Communication and presentation
Conflict management
Team development

Photo Xiang Hong Liu

Xiang Hong Liu, Senior Consultant
Intercultural Training (focus: Germany – China)
Leadership-Training "best practice west meets east"
Process Consultation, Team- and Leadership-Coaching
Impatriates-Training in Germany
Conception and Implementation of Assessment Centers (China-specific)
Talent Management and Employer Branding in Asia

Martina Lohmann, Senior Beraterin

Martina Lohmann, Senior Consultant
Social competence
Location analysis

Juliette Maggu

Juliette Maggu, Consultant
Dipl. Psychologist
Intercultural trainings
Assessment centers
Leadership trainings

Charles Marchant, Senior Berater

Charles Marchant, Senior Consultant
Psychologist (Diploma); Marchant Human Resources (Frankfurt a. M.)
Intercultural trainings for France
Relocation trainings for France
Coaching top Management

Kevin McKee, Senior Berater

Kevin McKee, Senior Consultant
Psychologist (Master); Cole Mc Kee Partnership (Reading, UK)
Coaching Top Management
Convincing Styles
Intercultural Trainings UK

Vesselina Meurer

Vesselina Meurer, Senior Consultant
Intercultural coaching and training
International project management
Team development

Angélique Morio

Angélique Morio, Senior Consultant
Dipl. Psychologist
Change management
Team and talent development

Dr. Isa Mücke, Senior Beraterin

Isa Mücke, Senior Consultant
Psychologist (PhD), Educational Sciences (Diploma); Management Consulting (Munich)
Management Audits
Strategic HR development
Team and organizational development

Pari Namazi

Pari Namazi, Senior Consultant
PhD International HR Management
Talent and team development
Assessment / development centers
Intercultural Expert Middle East

Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir

Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir, Senior Consultant
Change Management
Leadership Development

Annette Preyer

Annette Preyer, Senior Consultant
Politics, Sociology (Diploma)
Team Coaching
Management Coaching
Intercultural competence
Organizational Transformation towards Self Management

Jürgen Rohrmeier

Juergen Rohrmeier, Senior Consultant
Leadership Soft Skills
Change Management
HR Management
Employer Branding and Recruiting

Marinus F. Rooders

Marinus F. Rooders, Senior Consultant
Executive Sparring
Business Coaching
Team coaching
Effectiveness and effect on other people

Adrienne Rubatos

Adrienne Rubatos,Senior Consultant
MBA and Intercultural Communication, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
International Business Consulting
Focus on Middle and Eastern Europe, esp. Hungary and Romania
Executive Coaching
International Team Development
Management Development for Mid/Eastern Europe
Negotiations and Mediation
Change Management

Photo Dr. Sebastian Schuh

Dr. Sebastian Schuh, Senior Consultant
Dr. rer. pol., Dipl.- Kfm
Process Consulting
Organizational Development / -culture
Strategic HR-Management
Leadership Training

Michael Schweighofer

Michael Schweighofer, Senior Consultant
English and German linguistics, Psychologist (Master)
Management diagnostics and development
Change management
High potential development
Intercultural coaching

Photo Emily Slate

Emily Jane Slate, Senior Consultant
Intercultural Coaching and Training
Project Support (project analysis, coaching, training and monitoring) for International Teams
Preparation for the Assignment Abroad
Executive Coaching for Managers

Peter Spang

Peter Spang, Senior Consultant
Entrepreneur and Coach
Leadership training and coaching
Team development
Consultant for consultants and coaches
Change processes

Dr. Karin von Schumann

Dr. Karin von Schumann, Senior Consultant
Psychologist (PhD); von Schumann Consulting (Munich)
Coaching top Management
Management Audits
Assessment Centres

Claudia Wabel

Claudia Wabel, Senior Consultant
German philology (Diploma)
Assessment centers
management audits
intercultural trainings
leadership trainings
convincing and presentation skills
Business and executive coaching
Soft skill trainings

Philip Werner

Philip Werner, Consultant
M.A. in Japanology, Sinology, Business administration, Politics
Intercultural competence
Virtual collaboration
Moderating workshops and large scale events

Marion Zikeli

Marion Zikeli, Senior Consultant
Dipl. Psychologist
Organization development
Intercultural expert (focus: Romania)
Business and executive coaching
Soft skill trainings