Change Management

Facilitation during …


Get the new structure going:
After the new structure is set on paper and months of worries are over, we will help you ensure that …

  • anger, frustration and grief are soon left behind,
  • there is a sense of clarity on who will do what and who is the right contact person
  • there is an increase of trust and a grown desire to collectively seize new challenges.

In over 20 years of corporate history, we have lived through three economic crises and accompanied our clients through this challenging time. Hence we do not lack a good deal of experience and a steady hand.


There are a number of typical issues arising during a merger (e.g. Winner-/ loser, disagreement over best practice systems and values, which should be enforced in the future etc.). In top down workshops we help you find a collaborative path that is no uneasy compromise.


How can headquarters standards and values effectively be transferred to the subsidiaries?
How much standardization is reasonable and where is consideration of local interests necessary?
Through years of experience and a strong worldwide network of contractual partners we can offer you support in the rollout of international projects (specifically personnel and organizational development).

Strategic Mission Statement

Who are we, where are we heading? Which values and rules should we follow in order to stay adapted to reality and competitive in the long term without giving away our old strengths and values? Management and staff will jointly develop a viable concept which will be ready to be borne and lived by both sides.