Many consultants and senior consultants of our team have specific further qualifications and years of coaching experience. Your advantage: We help you find the right coach out of all our consultants. Our coaching sessions usually last no longer than 8 double-hours and follow strict quality criteria.

Individual Coaching

1. Occasions for and Objective of a Coaching

Coaching serves your personal further advancement and professional development. It can be used to enhance your competences and to increase your work satisfaction - in practically every work situation.

2. Coaching Event Sequence

You are invited to reflect on your professional situation during the coaching:

  • with the help of a competent, neutral partner
  • in a fixed time frame
  • with regard to your professional role (qualification and competences, work area and development opportunities, etc.) and
  • with reference to your personal action patterns in interactions with your boss, co-workers and colleagues.

After a telephone conversation we will first make an appointment in order to get to know each other personally. Then we will discuss further proceedings. Normally the Coaching takes 12 to 15 hours that are mostly being conducted in four or five blocks.

3. Fees

The fee for one hour Coaching lies between EUR 200,00 and EUR 250,00.

4. Which Coach suits you?

If you have a Coaching in mind when you contact us, Mrs. Harss will be your contact person. We will then jointly explore which specific Coach in our team is able to give you maximum support for your particular situation (e.g. in terms of age, gender, experience and educational background). We place special importance on a good personal fit between Coach and client.