TWIST International

Service Spectrum

We have conducted or offered the following events and services to our clients in the field of "International/cross-cultural Trainings" in the past 15 years:

General cross-cultural awareness building

  • Identifying one's own cultural imprint
  • What is generally important abroad?
  • 1-2 days duration

Cross-cultural training

  • Country-specific
  • 1-2 days duration
  • Consultants and "native speaker" or bi-cultural trainer/consultant

International Team development and facilitations

  • Conducted for Management in English with built-in conflict analysis from a cross-cultural perspective (2 Trainers/Consultants).
  • 2-3 days duration

International Assessment/Development Centres

  • For multi-cultural participant groups
  • For international high potentials
  • In Europe, USA and Asia

Individual Coaching

  • Preparation of "Expats" and, if required, their partners for international assignments or alternatively for visitors to the German-speaking countries (consultants and "native speaker" or bi-cultural trainer/consultant).
  • minimum 1 day

Cross-cultural coaching on the job for individuals or teams

  • Trainer accompanies "Expat" or foreign national at the workplace and gives on-site feedback and behavioural tips (bi-cultural Consultant/Trainer).
  • Accompaniment of bi- or multicultural teams in the process of mergers: Trainers or a trainer team observes internationally mixed teams during negotiations and gives feedback at defined times concerning cultural behaviour and their consequences on the negotiations and the work processes in general.
  • minimum 1 day

Adaptation of German personnel development instruments to other culture zones or countries

  • e.g. AC-instruments, appraisal interviews, trainings conducted in English, Russian, Chinese etc.

Client references are available for each of the above-mentioned topics upon request.