National and international potential analysis

Assessment Center, Development Center:

  • Selection-Assessments, e.g. for trainee programs or top talent programs
  • Positioning-Assessments for internal staffing or career planning, e.g. project management, domain experts or general management
  • Development Center with feedback reports (profiles with strengths and weaknesses for all relevant criteria)

Management Audits and Individual Assessments

  • When your managers have to face completely new challenges
  • When national or international top management positions are to be filled

360° Feedback:

  • Self-Development Center: In this method, 90 % of the responsibility for further development lies with the participant. Particularly suitable for long-term employees/ staff members above the age of 50.
  • Within the frame of individual coachings to ensure a reality check of the coachee and to initiate further discussions.
  • On this subject, we cooperate with our partner HRinstruments.

Appraisal Interview

We help you develop a coherent interview concept compatible with the corporate strategy.

Employee – Surveys

On this subject, we cooperate with the experienced company Logit Management Consulting and the University of Munich

With any diagnostic procedure, we combine national and international experience and have developed specific methods and test procedures.

Focal point Assessment Centre

Our competence

The following facts and figures intend to convey our activities in this field:

  • We have been gathering experience in the conception and execution of both selection and promotion Assessment Centres since 1989; we are currently employing these instruments regularly for various medium-sized companies as well as major corporations (references available upon request).
  • We have been offering international Assessment and Development Centres since 1996, carrying them out at locations in Europe, the United States and Asia.
  • We have been testing cross-cultural competences in Assessment Centres since 1997 and have developed a range of instruments for this purpose.
  • We have been cooperating closely with the research group Assessment Centre e.V. for many years. Currently, we're active in the working group "Innovation in AC".

Concerning Assessment Centres, we would like to point out the following publications:

  • Book "Career Break Assessment Centre”, Walhalla Fachverlag, 2000
  • Article "Der zentral-lokale Spagat (doing the central local splits); International potential analysis for Giesecke & Devrient”, managerSeminare, August 2006
  • Article "Assessment Centre for Russians; Diagnostics for Gazprom”, managerSeminare, April 2006
  • Article "Dos and Don'ts of international AC", managerSeminare, June 2009
  • Article "Standardizing without frustrating; international roll-out", Personalmagazin, October 2010
  • Article "The value of values", Wirtschaftspsychologie Aktuell, 4/2014
  • Article "A sense for other cultures - How intercultural competence can be measured ", Wirtschaftspsychologie Aktuell, 2/2015

Our Quality Criteria

We have defined the following essential quality criteria for our company clients:

  • Company-, requirement- and position-specific adaptation of the instrument (on the basis of requirement profiles)
  • Involvement of (top) management as (well trained!) consultants
  • Proper cost-benefit relation
  • Client orientation in the preparation of documents and in the entire execution of measures

Regarding participants, we value:

  • Fairness and a high participant-orientation during implementation
  • Transparency with regard to method and exercises
  • Individual feedback on the results with coaching tips

Our Service Spectrum

Since 1990 we have performed and offered the following events and services for our clients in the field of Selection and Promotion Assessment Centres:

  • Potential Analyses for promoting management recruits
    (national and international)
  • Potential Analyses for high potentials from middle management
    (national and international)
  • Management Audits for top management development
    (national and international)
  • Selection Assessment Centres for:
    • Trainees (national and international)
    • Pharmaceutical consultants and decision heads in the Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Experts and managers in different positions and industries
      (national and international)
  • Promotion Assessment Centre, Development Workshops:
    • For professional re-orientation (e.g. for staff reduction measures)
    • As development measures (e.g. for Trainees)