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Expert Forum 2006

Speech Dr. Anton Obholzer about "The Manager as human being – emotions within the organization"
Expertenforum 2006

It is a tendency that HR work gets more and more quantified and mechanical. Terms such as human capital, educational Controlling and cost effectiveness stand right next to ideas from the humanization of the work like personal development and self directedness. In organizations, decisions should be made rationally and cooperation and results should be optimized and quantified.

Here we come to borders that cannot be explained with the neo-rational theory. Especially at the end of restructuring measures, as many of our clients have been going through in the past months, emotions are often high. They are seen as bothersome and disturbing in the business life. Still they have great impact on decisions made in the corporation.

The speech set impulses and support at the same time in order to deal with them constructively and to give them the necessary attention.

Our guest Dr. Anton Obholzer is Managing Director of the Tavistock & Portman clinics in London and senior consultant for the Tavistock Institutes for Management Consulting. He is very interesting for us, since he knows HR and organizational development as much as nobody else, and on the other hand he is psychologist and analyst and can therefore incorporate this knowledge in his work.

Expertenforum 2006

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