TWIST Expert forum

Expert forum July 2015

Twist-Fachforum Juli 2015

Thanks to a very enjoable lecture by Thomas Perlitz (Global Senior VP HR, Gerresheimer AG) about KPIs for the Human Resource Department, the expert forum in July was a complete success.

With summer drinks and fruity treats HR experts discussed about the meaning of KPIs for the Human Resource department. The experts asked the lecturer questions regarding this topic beforehand, which were then discussed in the plenum with the help of the lecturer's longtime international experience.

Expert forum April 2015

Twist-Fachforum April 2015

On April 17th our cooperation partners Matthias Zimmermann PhD and Prof. Felix Brodbeck PhD (LOGIT Management Consulting, LMU Munich) held a very practice-oriented lecture about employee attitude surveys followed by a great discussion with HR experts and consultants.

Zimmermann and Brodbeck depcited the relevance, manyfoldness and potential of employee attitude surveys, showing the high valence of this tool. Due to their longtime experience they also gave many practical examples about the planning, implementing and evaluating of this measure.