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Internal training: intercultural research around the Hofstede CWQ3

On 27th September, a group of 13 international consultants met at the TWIST office in Munich to share their latest research, exercises and intercultural experiences. Also, the day was combined with the re-accreditation for the Hofstede CWQ 3.
Individual experiences and observations in which the cultural characteristics of the protagonists might play a role were exchanged and discussed – for example:

In a setting of collegial consultation between four cultural experts all these cases were interpreted and tips for each scenario were discussed.

By the way, the official re-accreditation has been successful for every attending Partner Associate.

The next chance for the accreditation program to become a TWIST – Partner Associate will be in the year 2020. The successful participation entitles you to use the Hofstede CWQ3 in your work in an intercultural context.

Workplace of the Future

On April 3rd 2019 around 40 of our international clients, consultants, and cooperation partners from the Global Resource Team met at the TWIST office in Munich to discuss the “Workplace of the Future” and the future challenges and implications for HR departments all around the world.
In expert breakout sessions the concept of agile organizations, the challenges and benefits of digital learning, as well as additional HR relevant topics were presented and discussed. Additionally, our new Hofstede Learning App was introduced and we were happy to receive positive and stimulating feedback from clients and colleagues.
We enjoyed the fruitful intercultural exchange on these highly relevant topics and thank all attendants for their inspiring contributions.


Intercultural summit meeting, 17 Feb 17.
Not only globalization but also a growing amount of international employees in German companies make it necessary for all of us to increase our practice-oriented knowledge of cultural differences.
TWIST brought together four of the most prestigious scientists, whose research involves intercultural topics at the work place, on 17th Feb 2017 in Munich:
Prof. Geert Hofstede, Prof. Gert-Jan Hofstede, Prof. Michael Minkov and Prof. Felix Brodbeck presented the newest of cultural research at the LMU Munich. Afterwards, practitioners and researchers collected ideas concerning the question: Which of these research findings are really relevant for our day-to-day work and especially for our work as human resource specialists?
The day ended joyously with songs from all around the world in the TWIST office.

Vortrag von Prof. Hofstede Vortrag von Claudia Harss Ausklang bei TWIST

TWIST 25th Anniversary 2015

In October TWIST celebrated its 25th anniversary! For this over 140 TWIST friends, colleagues, partners and clients from all over the world came and danced with us to South American rhythms at the English Garden in Munich. Here's to another 25 years!

25th anniversary TWIST

New Article

wirtschaft+weiterbildung 04/2017: "A better understanding for Cultural Rules of the Game", Nisch, S. & Zikeli, M.
Introduction to the online test "Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire" which assesses Hofestede's cultural dimensions and helps consultants discover the cultural preferences of their clients. 

wirtschaft+weiterbildung 02/2017: "Intercultural Leadership" Harss, C.
This article illuminates Hofstede's cultural dimensions and their relevance for leadership in a global environment.

Wirtschaftspsychologie Aktuell 2/2015: "Sensitivity for other cultures - how to measure intercultural competence"
Due to globalization intercultural competence of employees has become more and more important, with intercultural competence being difficult to define and measure. The Twist Consulting Group has therefore developed a valid test for assessment centres., having started with literature and method research and a trial version in 2004. Since 2015 the Twist Intercultural Competence Test (TICT) is available as an online and paper pencil version, measuring the sensitivity for other cultures, previous intercultural experience, language skills, intercultural interest and their willingness to go abroad.

TWIST cooperation with ITAP, the international network

ITAP conference in Dublin

Prof. Geert Hofstede – the guru of intercultural science, well-known from his IBM study – was keynote speaker in Dublin. Participants came from all over the world. He formulated a self-critical statement, one that only a person of his status can make: "You know, intercultural science tells us most about the cultural origin and values of the scientist."

During the international conference in Dublin, many of the ITAP members presented their cultural expertise: