TWIST Expert forum

Expert Forum 2004

Speech about "Risk – chance– destiny" by Dr. Selig, Wacker Chemical Corporation AG, Munich

In April 2004 Dr. Selig from the Wacker AG, held a thrilling speech about Risk – Chance – destiny. He covered aspects such as "What is risk?", "How do we see risk and how do we communicate it?", "How do we decide in risky situations?". Afterwards, a lively discussion followed.

Expertenforum 2004

Speech about "Leadership in the international context – the GLOBE study" by Professor Brodbeck, Aston University Birmingham, UK

End of July 2004, we had a very current topic on our list: Professor Brodbeck from the renowned Aston University in Burmingham visited with his topic "Leadership in the international context". His speech was based on the results of the international GLOBE study (Global Leadership & Organizational Behaviour Effectiveness). More than 10 years, data has been collected from 15.000 leaders in more than 60 countries. The GLOBE study is already now discussed as the scientific status quo for Hofstede (whose work has been leading since the 1970s).