Our TWIST-Philosophy …


T op Quality is our goal. Cornerstones of this quality requirement are: A professional proposal clarification, structured project designs, well-educated trainers and experienced consultants, a close connection to science through lectureships at various universities, numerous studies and book publications, an approach to consulting based on appreciation, a high degree of transparency and sustainability. A consequent quality control ensures that a mistake does not happen a second time.


W orldwide scope of our activities. China, India, Singapore, Russia or USA - our inhouse-team as well as our numerous binational TWIST-cooperation partners work in different languages equipped with highly pronounced intercultural skills and therefore are able to meet the culture- as well as company-specific requirements. This makes us the ideal partner for companies taking on the challenge of designing their personnel development processes internationally. Being part of the international ITAP-network, we cooperate with consultancies located on site in about 50 countries worldwide. You can find a short video clip about ITAP in the "Home"-tab of our homepage.


I ndividual design, appearance and approach of our consultants. All measures are custom-designed for the client and his specific needs and are therefore never "off-the-shelf" products but instead are individual, creative, and sometimes even a bit unconventional.


S trategic orientation of all our activities and services: Whether potential analysis, team development, cross-cultural sensitization or behavioral training - the guiding question always remains: What does our client strive for? What is his - and thus our - core task? How can we design our instruments to really help the client to achieve his goals? We can also support you competently with the establishment of a strategic personnel development.


T eam-oriented relationship to our clients. Top quality can only be generated if client and consultant move in the same direction. Our offer to every client is: joint definition of objectives, clear rules for cooperation, an honest and open dialogue but also fun with new ideas and gripping projects. Long-term good client relationships show that we are on the right path.