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Go Global: Cross-cultural Compact Training

Assessment Centre in Asia

Executive training in Russia

Go Global: Cross-cultural Compact Training

The objective was to sensitize over 100 managers of a globally operating corporation to cross-cultural issues in a very compact way, i.e. over the course of one day. Further guidelines for this project included high practical relevance and close orientation towards experiences and issues relevant to the company.

In a compact training, we focused on selected culture zones that were of special significance to the company. First, we give participants the opportunity to get acquainted with the different represented cultures. The room decorations, selected literature, typical specialties and talks with representatives of the chosen countries facilitate this aim.

We offer a separate workshop for every target country, in this case the UK, Japan, the USA and the Slovak Republic. At the start of every workshop, a Trainer introduces the topic "cross-cultural sensitivity". Next, the theory is applied to the culture zone and work life in question. Both the international staff of the TWIST CONSULTING GROUP as well as the company representatives from the respective national subsidiaries support this process. Our approach is interactive, experience-oriented as well as being to the point and effective.

Assessment Centre in Asia

We conducted our first Potential Analysis Assessment Centre (AC) in Tokyo with participants from Japan, China and Taiwan for an internationally active German company. Countless cultural comparison studies and especially our own experiences with international AC participant groups invited the conclusion that it makes little sense to let Asians participate in mixed international AC-groups. This is why we developed a culturally adapted AC for Asians.


We spent over a year on diverse preparatory activities with our clients and a management consultancy based in Tokyo. All exercises were subjected to a strict culture-check and revised if necessary. Still – a trace of an unfamiliar culture from the German parent company makes itself felt in the AC – quite intentionally. Because, next to the assessment of potential, the object of the exercise also included trying to communicate the company-specific job specification to managers.


Mission successful! The first AC was a success and we have completely transferred our know-how to our distant cooperation partners. The AC is now carried out by this management consultancy in Japanese for the Asian subsidiaries of our clients and has been favourably received there.

Further information on our approach in the AC-field can be found in our Service Spectrum, Focus "Assessment-Center"..

Executive training in Russia

The Situation

Our customer, an international corporation, plans to introduce a uniform management concept worldwide. Further training seminars are to be conducted top-down at all management levels of the parent company and the subsidiaries over a longer period of time in order to explain and practice the use of the new management tools.

The objective

We have been commissioned to conduct several seminars in Russia with the following goals:

The implementation

Our Russian-speaking TWIST trainer, Sonja Nitsch, will conduct an intense 2-day seminar at every operation, which will not only be about the introduction of the content of the management concept but, to an even greater extent, about the concrete needs and expectations of the Russian executives. The intention behind this is to first of all soften the sceptical general attitude towards an "unwanted" concept "imposed by the West" - which usually works. When the concept is explained, the intercultural differences are incorporated and modifications to the tools are worked out, which take into account the specific circumstances and peculiarities. In general, there is great emphasis on interactive methods and practical exercises.

So as to allow for a "watertight" transition to the daily routine at work, a follow-up day will be held for every group 3 to 4 months after the seminar. Apart from providing the participants with greater in-depth knowledge, this follow-up day will focus on the exchange of experiences and on the work relating to concrete cases of the participants.


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