Coaching and Change Management

Many consultants and senior consultants of our team have specific further qualifications and years of coaching experience. Your advantage: We help you find the right coach out of all our consultants. Our coaching sessions usually last no longer than 6 to 8 double-hours and follow strict quality criteria.

1. Occasions for and Objective of a Coaching
Coaching serves your personal further advancement and professional development. It can be used to enhance your competences and to increase your work satisfaction - in practically every work situation.

2. Coaching Event Sequence
You are invited to reflect on your professional situation during the coaching:
  • with the help of a competent, neutral partner
  • in a fixed time frame
  • with regard to your professional role (qualification and competencies, work area, and development opportunities, etc.)
  • with reference to your personal action patterns in interactions with your boss, co-workers and colleagues
After a telephone conversation we will first make an appointment in order to get to know each other personally. Then we will discuss further proceedings. Normally the Coaching takes 12 to 16 hours that are mostly being conducted in four or five blocks.

3. Which Coach suits you?
If you have a Coaching in mind when you contact us, Mrs. Nitsch will be your contact person. We will then jointly explore which specific Coach in our team is able to give you maximum support for your particular situation (e.g. in terms of age, gender, experience and educational background). We place special importance on a good personal fit between Coach and client.

Topographical Coaching
A new process model, inspired by the universal structure from literary and film theory, helps coaches place the client's journey from problem to solution in a topographical map.
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Self-reflection Sheets in Coaching
If managers took a little more time in their daily work to reflect on their own behavior, they could more or less coach themselves. A short, practical self-reflection sheet on one's own leadership behavior, which is filled out independently after boss-employee interactions, has proven useful for this purpose (see also curret publications ).

International Team Development and Facilitations
  • Conducted for Management in English with built-in conflict analysis from a cross-cultural perspective (2 Trainers/Consultants).
  • 2-3 days duration
Individual Coaching
  • Preparation of "Expats" and, if required, their partners for international assignments or alternatively for visitors to the German-speaking countries (consultants and "native speaker" or bi-cultural trainer/consultant).
  • minimum 1 day
Cross-cultural Coaching on the Job for Individuals or Teams
  • Trainer accompanies "Expat" or foreign national at the workplace and gives on-site feedback and behavioural tips (bi-cultural Consultant/Trainer).
  • Accompaniment of bi- or multicultural teams in the process of mergers: Trainers or a trainer team observes internationally mixed teams during negotiations and gives feedback at defined times concerning cultural behaviour and their consequences on the negotiations and the work processes in general.
  • minimum 1 day
Change Management
Facilitation during…
Get the new structure going: After the new structure is set on paper and months of worries are over, we will help you ensure that …
  • anger, frustration, and grief are soon left behind
  • there is a sense of clarity on who will do what and who is the right person to contact
  • there is an increase of trust and a grown desire to collectively seize new challenges
Having experienced four economic crises and two years of Covid Pandemic in our company's history over more than three decades, and having supported our customers during this time, we bring a lot of experience and peace of mind to the table.
How can headquarters standards and values effectively be transferred to the subsidiaries?
How much standardization is reasonable and where is consideration of local interests necessary?
Through years of experience and a strong worldwide network of contractual partners we can offer you support in the rollout of international projects (specifically personnel and organizational development).

Strategic Mission Statement
Who are we, where are we heading? Which values and rules should we follow in order to stay adapted to reality and competitive in the long term without giving away our old strengths and values? Management and staff will jointly develop a viable concept which will be ready to be borne and lived by both sides. 

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Solarpannels auf grüner Wiese

,,Insbesondere in den Monaten des Management-Übergangs ist es Ihnen hervorragend gelungen, durch geschickte Moderations- und Kommunikationsprozesse die verschiedenen Unternehmensbereiche in den Veränderungsprozess einzubinden und ihn so erfolgreich zu gestalten. Ihr Mut zur Reflektion und die Förderung des Potentials zur Übernahme von Eigenverantwortung- begleitet vom permanenten Bemühen, alle handelnden Personen auch ‘’abzuholen’’- haben uns hierbei ganz besonders geholfen! ’’

Logistik, Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung Deutschland
Laufband Firma Türrahmen Produktion

,,Die Zusammenarbeit mit den Twist Berater*innen hat sich außerordentlich professionell und inspirierend gestaltet und die zur Verfügung gestellten Materialien waren didaktisch und methodisch bestens auf die Anforderungen zugeschnitten. Durch hohe fachliche und persönliche Kompetenz haben die Berater*innen schnell Akzeptanz und Vertrauen der diversen Zielgruppen in diesem Projekt gewonnen. In Folge hat sich eine vertrauensvolle Arbeitsbeziehung entwickelt, die bis heute andauert. So arbeiten wir im Rahmen von Teamentwicklungs- und Coachingbedarfen nach wie vor mit TWIST Consulting erfolgreich zusammen’’

Gesundheitsdienstleister, Teamleitung Personalentwicklung 
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,,In my role as HR Consultant of an International Insurance Company, I have worked closely and for a long period of time with TWIST Consulting Group in Munich. They supported the German entity during the process of implementing newly rolled out Core Values to more than 100 employees. Their sound understanding and clear identification of client needs helped us become the one legal entity out of the entire organization that managed to implement the core values with a long term effect. With a well-founded and experienced approach when it comes to choosing the right tools, instruments and techniques, TWIST Consulting ensured Core Values are understood, embraced and valued- also on an ongoing basis through refresh trainings and inclusion of new hires.’’

XL Insurance Company, HR Consultant XL
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,,Dr. Claudia Harss from TWIST supported the development of our German management team from a working group to a high performing team. She managed to align diverse personalities within a complex company structure (international matrix). The progress of the team development was continuously measured and was sustained after the program. Claudia used a broad range of tools that she adapted to our need, with a mix between theory and activity. I would at any time work with Claudia again and can highly recommend her professional service.’’

Insurance Company, CEO 

Twist Consulting Group

Ihr Spezialist für nationale und internationale Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung

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Coaching & Change Management
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Als Partner unserer Asiatischen Kollegen Hofstede CW (Hofstede Culture in the WorkplaceTM) sind wir eine von (nur) zwei Organisationen, die mit Geert Hofstedes Kulturmodell und Produkten kommerziell arbeiten dürfen.

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Mit unseren langjährigen Vertragspartnern aus dem Global Resource Team und ITAP International haben wir in den vergangenen zwei Jahrzehnten zahlreiche Projekte weltweit ausgerollt und etliche Erfahrungen gesammelt, die heute unseren Kunden nutzen.

ITAP International

So können wir Sie heute in über 20 Sprachen im In- und Ausland mit psychologisch fundierten Coachings, Trainings, Assessment Center Verfahren und prozessbegleitenden Maßnahmen im Change unterstützen und beraten.