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LMU Seminars with TWIST

In December, we once again had the pleasure of welcoming 15 bright master's students from Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) Munich to a weekend seminar at TWIST. Both sides benefit in the process: The students bring fresh expertise, as they use the latest research from work and organizational psychology and try to transform it into handy tools and exercises for training, coaching, and peer consulting. That way, they help our company to stay theoretically up to date, since busy schedules keep us from being constantly upbeat with latest research. Likewise, TWIST enables young professionals to gain insights into our work. Claudia Harss, TWIST owner with 33 years of consulting experience, and Charlotte Paetzold as accompanying TWIST consultant give feedback on how to sharpen the students’ exercises and tools for practical use. TWIST shares their experience on working with different clients, mandates, and participants. The students are given the opportunity to test both their ideas and themselves as consultants. At the end of the seminar, they are able to facilitate simple peer consulting sessions. The central theme in this hands-on activity is an approach practiced and constantly refined by TWIST ever since 2005. It replaces classic training designs in strategic human resource development (HRD) by merging personnel and organizational development. Therefore, three aspects are critical for the participants: self-responsibility for their personal development, learning, and rethinking in emotionally loaded, challenging work situations. This personnel and organizational development approach is ideally suited for acting and leading in agile organizations.

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